Bring on the concept, girl

If not for his brother, I wouldn’t have met his mother.

If not for his mother, I wouldn’t have met the drawings that the son had made between the ages of 7 and 14.

If not for the son’s drawings, I wouldn’t have met Nuno.

If Nuno wasn’t special, he wouldn’t have created, with me, a collection of clothes based on his drawings.

If not for the process of the collection, I might not have had the time or space to call him friend.

If not for my other friend Saramago, I wouldn’t have come to this conclusion (or starting point): what you are as a child will, sooner or later, manifest when you are an adult.

Of Nuno’s gifts: just as he drew, with detail and precision, he now observes, listens and writes.

What is to be yours, to you shall come. In case of doubt, let yourself get carried away by the child you once were.

And you will get there, wherever you want to go.


Bainha de Copas

Portuguese Wearitage

At Bainha de Copas, we believe that a sense of style contributes to our individual happiness and overall quality of life. We are a Wearitage and lifestyle brand based in Lisbon, Portugal. Our old world inspirations are taken primarily from the Portuguese passions of art, literature, architecture, and our regions physical and emotional identity is in every stitch, pattern, and color we create. We take great care in harnessing what is significant to us from those areas, to produce pieces that are beautiful and fun, and that we feel positively contributes to our societies visual landscape. 

Bainha de Copas garments are made in Portugal from Portuguese materials, using handcrafted techniques whenever possible, some of which are centuries old.